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Uncategorized Mar 31, 2020

I am aware that caregiver health is a major public health issue. Caregivers are more twice as likely to be depressed,  have higher hospitalization rates, higher risk of heart disease, and slower healing rates than non-caregivers. The list goes on.  Physical, mental and emotional health can all be affected. The bottom-line is, it is time for caregivers to start taking better care of themselves. I love the simple yet profound quote by John-Roger: “Take Care of Yourself so You Can Help Take Care of Others.” This is especially true for caregivers.

I am going starting a segment called “5 Minutes for Me!” Since lack of time is often a reason we come up with for not taking better care of ourselves, let’s start with 5 minutes a day! Everyone can find 5 minutes somewhere, even if you have to give up 5 minutes of staring at your computer screen with no direction but generally surfing the net.

Also, as caregivers we are generally much better at taking 5 minutes to help someone else than 5 minutes for ourselves – hence the name minutes for “Me.” I know it will be a stretch for many of us to give ourselves even 5 minutes. Check it out and see what your experience is!  See the results of what taking 5 minutes will do for your health, balance, well-being, and peace level. Remember, this is fun!

I’d love to hear from you. What have you done for 5 minutes a day that has benefitted your health and balance?


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