Warning signs - When does mom need my help?

Are you starting to see changes with your parents and thinking you need to jump in and help them? Have you offered to help and they refused to do anything differently?  Many times adult chilren will start to worry about their parents, but it's not quite time to change anything.  The list below are some warning signs to let you know they may need some help.


Difficulty walking
Frequently falling or unsteadiness (presence of bruising)
Poor hygiene or grooming (wearing stained clothes, body odor, infrequent bathing or washing hair, wearing the same clothes day after day)
Changes in eating habits (snacks only, decreased appetite, eating one meal a day, forgetting to eat, poor food choices, lack of food in the home)
Unsafe home environment (unclean, cluttered walkways, poor lighting, home needing repairs, broken or missing smoke detectors, lack of security-leaving doors unlocked, leaving stove on)
Significant weight loss or gain


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