Age Sage Dementia Naviguide - Monthly Membership

Age Sage Dementia Navigator is a monthly support program and community that will equip you to be an advocate for your loved one and your own self-care. The on-going guidance and community support will help you eliminate frustration, regret, and stress.

As we care for our loved ones we can become quickly overwhelmed with the added responsibilities and potential crisis events. This program is designed to equip you for the journey following the CARE MAP system.

Ultimately we want to have peace of mind that we are doing what's best for our loved one, and are equipped to deal with the rapids along this river without the chronic stress that can shorten our own lives.

That is why this innovative program is centered on self-care first, so you can weather any storm and be equipped to make decisions as they come without losing your mind.

The program is based on the science of wellness, with an active community of fellow advocates to encourage you along the way.

Daily Audio Reflections

Move from stress and frustration to gratitude and advocacy with daily audio guidance. Take 10 minutes daily to reset and restore your mind. No app required. You'll receive each Reflection as a private text-message.

Get immediate answers when you need help

At any time you may ask for advice and one of our experienced care team members will get back to you promptly.

You will receive Innovative text-message micro-steps that will guide you on your journey. Periodic instructional materials to guide you throughout your journey as an advocate for your loved-one.

You will also be invited to a Private Facebook Group with fellow Age Sage Navigators for community support.

To join, simply click "Sign Me Up" and begin to reduce the exhaustion of caregiving and find peace of mind.


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Peace of mind in your pocket.

Get on-call support from the privacy of your phone. Sign up below to receive text advice, and access to a trove of dementia resources for members.