Advocating For Aging Loved Ones - Course

Feeling overwhelmed, guilty and stressed? These videos will empower, inspire and bring you peace of mind. Most of your eldercare questions will be answered!

You will receive immediate access to online videos covering all the basic questions of eldercare one so you can have peace of mind and turn your worry into a sense of calming reassurance.

- Videos on over 15 topics totaling 3 hours of essential information, which will reveal the key steps to becoming the best caregiver for the ones you love.

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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by the Responsibilities of Your Aging Parent?

Do you feel all alone and unprepared to make major decisions about caring for your aging parents? Are you losing sleep and taking time off work?

You’re not alone…  You've come to the right place.

This video series answers almost every eldercare question you have. 18 videos on different topics, 3 hours total. Listen to all of them or just the topic you need at the time!

As much as increased life expectancy can be viewed as an incredible achievement, it brings with it unforeseen challenges for society and families alike.

Old age unfortunately results in deteriorating health, both mental and physical…and watching your own parents deteriorate is an awful experience, which can leave you feeling both alone and depleted.

Are the following scenarios familiar to you?

You worry whether you are doing enough for your elderly parent and are consumed with fear

·      You feel your life is out of control because everything seems to be constantly changing you don’t know what to do at each new turn in the road

·      You feel racked with guilt because you want time for yourself but know your loved one needs you right now

·      You’re worn-out, and the strain of handling everything is just too much

·      You feel you constantly have to make decisions and are never sure they’re the right ones

·      You fear you are taking too much time away from your job and neglecting other family members who need you too

·      Your siblings disagree on how things should be handled

·      You just don’t know how long you can keep managing everything before you run out of resources, both financial and emotional

·      You feel ignored by healthcare professionals who just don’t take the time to listen to your concerns about your folks

You’re in a tough situation. You want to make the best possible decisions for your loved one, but you’re not sure where to begin.  The stress and fatigue are catching up with you, and you don’t know where to turn.

Dr. Cheryl can help!

With over 20 years experience in the field of elder care, Dr. Cheryl Mathieu, Ph.D., M.S.W. of has helped thousands of caregivers and families through some of life’s most difficult transitions. Now, she has created the Essential Caregiver’s Toolbox Video Course that will provide you with all the information you need, from the privacy of your own home available online 24/7, just when you need the answers most.

Get the RIGHT answers for ALL of those tough decisions you’re being faced with.

This video course is perfect for you if…

-  You’d love some support with taking care of your elderly loved one

- You want to know, without any doubt in your mind, that you took the best possible care of your mom and dad

- You want to free up more time to spend with friends and family

-  You want to know how to find the best quality care and keep it affordable

-  You’d like to feel more focused at work


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What is your peace of mind worth to you? Here’s another way to look at it: what will it cost you if you don’t get help now?

If you’d like to feel more relaxed and at peace by this time next month, these videos can support you in finding your way to a more -------- way of life

What you get with the video course:

 You will receive videos on over 15 topics, totaling 3 hours of essential information, which will reveal the key steps to becoming the best caregiver for the ones you love. All the basic questions of caring for an older loved one will be answered so you can have peace of mind and turn your worry into a sense of calming reassurance.

·      Understand how to assess when your parents need help

·      Find out how to thrive during a hospital or doctor visit

·      Learn to recognize when it’s time for a caregiver or assisted living

Every single tough decision you might be faced with is covered for you in this course.

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Order now and you will also receive a FREE valuable bonus:

Eldercare Basics eBook, by Cheryl Mathieu, Ph.D., M.S.W.

Eldercare Basics is a 203-page eBook with answers to all your questions on every aspect  of eldercare, including the questions you never knew to ask.

From handling that tricky discussion about taking Dad’s car keys away, to that call from the doctor saying Mom can’t be left alone any longer, to deciding how much care you can realistically provide especially if Dad has begun to wander and get lost, to how much long-term care costs and how to manage a hospital stay after Mom fell and broke her hip, from legal issues to housing options for seniors - this book covers it all.

This book empowers you to be the best advocate possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t wait a minute longer. Get the help you need now, for your own sake as well as that of your loved one. You DON’T have to live with this emotional strain – help is at hand.

Topics of the Videos:

1. Welcome to Aging Pro’s Caregiver Essentials course

2.Who pays for long-term care?

3.Assessing physical needs

4.Assessing medical and health strengths and needs

5.Assessing financial and legal strengths and needs

6.Assessing social and spiritual strengths and needs

7.Assessing cognitive strengths and needs

8.How to navigate a family meeting

9.Is Mom safe to drive?

10.When to move Dad into a memory care community

11.Who is a caregiver?

12.How to avoid caregiver burnout. Caring for yourself while caring for others

13.When should I worry about mom and dad being alone

14.The truth about hospice

15.Essential documents and information for providing care

16.How to prepare for a doctor visit and hospital stay

17.When is it time to get Mom a caregiver or move to assisted living?

18.Thank you and blessings to you and your loved ones

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